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MedicAnimal launches new ‘Fugly’ campaign

MedicAnimal has launches its new ‘Fugly’ marketing campaign to customers.

‘Fugly’, an abbreviation of ‘Fabulously Ugly’, uses images of pets of different shapes and sizes, in funny and quirky situations.

The campaign aims to build on MedicAnimal’s founding principles, promoting the need for owners to look after their pets on the inside as well as the outside, to avoid feeding them low-quality food, and to make sure they are aware of basic healthcare tips for their companion’s well-being

Camille Genevard, sales and marketing director, said: Our intention is to create a fun and thought provoking campaign to encourage owners to think about the health of their pets and their well-being. For example, a lot of people don’t realise that low quality food in particular is simply not good for their pets or that you need to brush your pet’s teeth.

” We also want to reflect to the reality and variety of pet ownership up and down the country. Care with A Conscience is at the heart of everything we do, and we’ve been working very hard to make proper pet care products affordable for almost a decade.”

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