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Nearly 5,000 “dangerous” dogs seized by Police

Police seized almost 5,000 dogs suspected of being banned breeds over the past three years in England and Wales, according to the BBC.

An outcry from the RSPCA about the law has been reported as they claim dogs should be based on behaviour rather than the breed.

Breeds banned in the UK include the pitbull terrier, the Argentine mastiff, the Japanese tosas and the Brazilian mastiff.

The figures were released to BBC South East following a series of Freedom of Information requests.


Samantha Gaines, from the RSPCA, told the BBC the assessment process for banned breeds was hugely problematic as it is based on appearance, not genetic heritage.

“It does mean that any dog – regardless of its heritage can be [classed as a] pitbull terrier if its appearance is similar enough,” she explained.

“There is no robust evidence which shows pitbull terriers are any more likely to show aggression than any other breed of dog.”

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