Johnston & Jeff reveals new range

Bird food manufacturer Johnston & Jeff has launched a new range of select foods in pouches. It includes three types of suet pellets in two sizes, and two sizes of mealworms, 100g and 500g – the 100g is in a Euroslot pouch.

Johnston & Jeff’s commercial manager, Chris Grange, said. “People want to feed extras, they want to be able to top up specific types of nutrient, and to use several feeding stations, each with a different food. But the demand is increasingly for good food, not cheap stuff. And good means exceptional quality of ingredients, and exceptional cleanliness. Johnston & Jeff in other words.”

“This is very easy for retailers to display, and very easy for consumers to add to their basket. Plus it’s a much higher value offering. We wanted important foods – supplements – like pellets and mealworms to be presented in a way which shows their significance.”

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