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Almost 500,000 dogs still fed chocolate, warns PDSA

UK veterinary charity, the PDSA, has warned that nearly half a million dogs are still being fed human chocolate, which can be deadly to them.

PDSA vets say they are bracing themselves for the annual increase in admissions for chocolate poisoning cases over the Easter period.

The charity’s latest PDSA Animal Wellbeing (PAW) Report states that 5 percent of dogs have been fed human chocolate.

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PDSA vet, Vicki Larkham-Jones, said: “Every year pets require emergency treatment after falling victim to the harmful effects oftheobromine – an ingredient in human chocolate. The high sugar content of chocolate is no good for pets’ waistlines or teeth either, contributing to obesity and dental disease.

“At Easter and Christmas our vets are on standby for a rise in cases of chocolate poisoning, which in some cases can be very serious and sometimes even fatal.

“Most pet owners love giving their pet a treat but some are still unaware of the dangers of human chocolate. Easter should be a time of celebration but making a simple mistake through a lack of awareness could actually mean the difference between life and death for your pet.”

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