Pets at Home puts rabbit sales on hold for Easter

Pets at Home is banning the sale of rabbits in its store during the Easter period. Interest in rabbits rises over the holiday; the retail chain aims to draw attention to the number of the pets left homeless each year.

Pets at Home will also hold free rabbit workshops across the country over the Easter holidays, covering welfare needs. The company will be helping families to make an informed decision about the long term commitment and responsibilities that come with pet ownership.

Peter Pritchard, chief operating officer at Pets at Home, said: “We pride ourselves on putting pets before profit so we’ve decided not to sell rabbits over the Easter weekend.

“If children and their parents take the time to learn more about how to properly care for them via our informative workshops, more families will be able to experience all of the joys pet ownership brings.

“Customers will still be able to buy a gift card, which can be used any time after Easter to purchase a rabbit. However, during the weekend children who intended to take a rabbit home with them will be offered a chocolate treat instead to thank them for their patience.”

Pets at Home will stop selling rabbits from 9am on Good Friday, 25 March until close of business on Monday 28 March.

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