Bucktons launches new superior suet balls for wild birds

Pet specialist brand, Bucktons, has launched a new variety of its best-selling energy balls. As we head into winter, this new addition to the range is perfect timing as they look to support independent retailers preparing for the seasonal sales spike.

The new Bucktons 160 Superior Suet Balls, with its increased fat content, feeds twice as fast as standard energy balls. They are also packed full of peanuts and sunflower seeds and help provide garden birds with the extra protein and energy they need during the colder months.

Alongside the new suet balls, other must-stock high energy products include Bucktons Premium Wild Bird Seed (20kg) and Bucktons Suet Pellets (12.55kg), which are available in two different flavours: Fruit & Berry and Peanut & Mealworm.

It’s especially important to encourage people to feed birds high energy foods during the winter, when natural food sources are harder to find. Smaller bird species such as Blue Tits, Wrens and Long-Tailed Tits lose their body heat much more quickly than their larger cousins and need to feed regularly in order to survive, so supplementary feeding can provide a lifeline.

For many people, observing and feeding birds is an important ritual and this latest addition to the Bucktons Wild Bird Range is sure to attract more birds into UK gardens.

As well as offering a wide range of Wild Bird Food, Bucktons is also a leading pet specialist brand for both Indoor Bird and Pigeon products. They create seed mixes that cater for species-specific nutritional requirements and seasonal changes, containing only the very best ingredients.

Indoor Birds

For Indoor Birds, Bucktons can support your customers with a range of seed blends for Parrots and Parakeets to Budgies and Canaries. Each product is carefully designed to support a strong immune system, healthy digestive functions and provide emotional enrichment to help keep pet birds happy and healthy.

Pigeon Racing

When it comes to Pigeon Racing, Bucktons is a name that’s highly regarded across the pigeon community thanks to its unrivalled commitment to the sport. Bucktons is tried, tested and trusted for its highly competitive mixes for both professional and amateur fanciers and breeders. Champions aren’t made by chance!

Bucktons is your friendly Wild Bird, Indoor Bird and Pigeon expert and can support you with nutritional advice, product information and educational marketing materials to help in store.

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