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Barking Heads now sold by Tesco

Pet Food (UK) Ltd has announced that a limited range of Barking Heads products are now available in Tesco Extra, Tesco online, and select Tesco super stores. Shoppers will be able to buy 2kg bags of Bad Hair Day, Tender Loving Care, Puppy Days, Fusspot, Fat Dog Slim and Golden Years.

A Pet Food (UK) Ltd spokesperson commented: “We have put a great deal of thought into whether our products should go into Tesco. Grocery shopping forms an integral part of each of our individual shopping habits in today’s modern world and at this current time 61% of the dog food market is purchased in grocery.”

“To ensure this move is a success for both independents and Tesco we are investing in a substantial marketing campaign and this year we are increasing our marketing spend by a further £1/2 million which will be for the absolute benefit of all our stockists irrespective of the market sector they operate in”.

“Being able to put our brand in front of 61% of dog food purchasers of whom a large number have never visited a pet shop and do not realise there is an alternative to the big name brands, is something which we feel extremely proud of. This will strongly benefit all stockists by increasing overall brand awareness and raising consumer confidence. Barking Heads™ will be visible across all market sectors which will increase consumer demand.”

“Pet Food (UK) Ltd remains committed to the independent market and still views it as its primary market sector. We firmly believe that this is a positive move which will be to the advantage of all retailers and will also help ensure Barking Heads™ longevity as a brand and position in the UK market.”

Pet Food (UK) Ltd is a small company taking a big step into grocery, whose passion is to provide ‘natural and healthy food of nutritional excellence’.

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