Envirosmart and Vitavet Ltd. launch essential Omega 3 for Dogs


Envirosmart has teamed up with Vitavet Ltd. to launch a unique new range of Vitafeed daily dog food complements designed to be incorporated into a dog’s existing feeding regime.  

The company aims to help retailers offer every dog owner an affordable, easy way to provide premium health benefits without switching brands.

Omega 3 aids development and growth, disease immunity, skin and joint health and a glossy coat. The Vitafeed range is an effective, low cost and convenient way of supplementing a dog’s diet to provide optimum health benefits.

Vitafeed Essential Omega 3 supplies slow release essential fatty acids, from salmon oil, in a dry meal which is simply stirred into the everyday food. Each pack is re-sealable and contains up to six weeks’ supply, depending on the size of dog.

The range includes products for older dogs needing an extra vitality boost or those on a weight control programme.

Envirosmart will be outlining profit opportunities available to retailers, including introductory offers, at PATS Sandown, stand C8.


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