Dreamies™ updates pack design

Mars Petcare has announced the launch of a complete pack redesign for Dreamies™. 

The new packaging aims to draw-in customers with bright colours, an updated logo and redesigned cat character.

Dreamies has also re-launched its bulk pack. Following a successfull US launch the brand’s 110g offering will be placed 180g bulk packs, with an RRP of £2.99. They are available in chicken, cheese and salmon.

Clementine Wilding-Taylor, cat care and treats senior brand manager at Mars Petcare said: “We want to make it easy for retailers to take advantage of the opportunity to get cat owners treating. Cat treats are bought by significantly fewer UK households than dog treats, so there is a huge opportunity to drive category and retailer growth.

“Our new design is even more eye-catching, making the products really stand out on the shelf. We recommend that retailers focus on off-shelf features, to drive awareness of the category and impulse purchases.”

The re-designed Dreamies and bulk packs are available from January 2016.

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