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World-record breaking first for British Hen charity

One lucky hen set a world record on the 23 January for being the 500,000th hen homed by a charity, the British Hen Welfare Trust.

‘Dee’, so-called because ‘D’ represents 500 in Roman numerals, became the half a millionth hen to be saved from slaughter and re-homed as a family pet by the popular national charity, first started in 2005.

Julie Elliott, and her daughter Rosie (aged 5) remarked that re-homing the charity’s 500,000th hen would be a day they would always remember.

Julie told us: “All I could think was this is like something out of one of Rosie’s storybooks and I can’t believe this is happening to us!

“Thank you to the British Hen Welfare Trust from the bottom of our hearts, thank you, for choosing us to be Dee’s forever family. She is beautiful and such a sweet girl, we had completely fallen in love with her long before we even got her home.”

To find out more about re-homing hens or to support the work of the British Hen Welfare Trust email log on to or tel: 01884 860084

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