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Puppy saved after swallowing a hearing aid whole

A livewire puppy from Dundee – who is fascinated by her owner’s hearing aids – was rushed to PDSA after swallowing one whole.

Stunned Norma, who requires hearing aids for occasional use, said she returned home to find six-month-old Domino chewing on one of her aids, with no trace of the other one.

The 63-year-old quickly realised what had happened and rushed Domino to PDSA’s Dundee Pet Hospital in Hawkhill, where vets gave the cheeky pup medication to induce vomiting.

Norma said: “The injection did the trick and within five minutes Domino had brought up all the different bits of the hearing aid, along with the battery! We also discovered that she’d swallowed bits from a comb, the jewel from a hairclip and even been munching on prawn crackers!”

PDSA Senior Vet Andy Cage said: “There is a medical term for pets eating strange objects – pica.  Dogs, especially puppies and younger dogs like Domino, use their mouth to investigate objects, as well as to eat. Sometimes when doing this a dog will swallow an object by mistake.”

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