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New odour-control cat litter from BSB Products

BSB Products has announced the launch of a new cat litter. The product is said to offer ‘unparalleled’ odour control.

Clay cat litter, Intersand Odourlock uses SMART ODOUR SHIELD, to stop the breakdown of urea into ammonia and carbon dioxide, preventing the creation of vapours that cause odours. The exclusive technology neutralises urine and faecal odours for 40 days.

Intersand Odourlock is designed to be 99.9 percent dust free, ultra-absorbent, quick clumping and safe for both cats and their owners.

Colin Rodger, managing director of BSB Products, said: “The combination of the breakthrough SMART ODOUR SHIELD technology together with one of the lowest dust levels in the industry, ODOURLOCK clumping cat litter is sure to win over cat owners and breeders alike”

Intersand ODOURLOCK is available in the UK in 6kg & 12 kg bags at SRP £8.99 & £14.99 respectively.

For more information, please contact BSB Products on 01737 767679 or email  

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