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Almost 25% of owners would consider giving up a pet when having a baby

Pets are going to be abandoned after Christmas as families can’t cope according to Co-operative Insurance.

Only 27 percent of pet owners said they would never give up their pet but 23 percent said they would consider it if they were having a baby. Further to that a shocking eight percent of pet owners admitted already giving up their pets when their children had arrived according to a new report.

As the festive period fast approaches, Co-op Insurance is urging people to think seriously about the reality of owning a pet and how this would fit with their lifestyle, as almost two in five people in a relationship (39 percent) had no idea what would happen to their pet if they split up with their partner.

Only a third (34 percent) said they would keep their pet if this happened to them.

David Hampson, head of pet insurance at The Co-operative, said: “Pets are often at the heart of family life but owning a pet takes time, patience and a significant emotional investment. Pets need a lot of looking after, from training to walking and grooming, not to mention the financial implications.

“We would urge anyone who is thinking about buying a pet to consider the implications of owning one and to think about whether this will fit in with any long-term plans they may have.”

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