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Strangest ten Christmas pet insurance claims

Christmas is a time to relax, but for some pet owners this is not the case. Asda Money Pet Insurance has revealed the wierd and worrisome claims of the pet world over the festive season.

From a Pug devouring an entire box of PAXO mix and a cat stuck up a chimney, pet owners may need to be prepared for this festive drama this Christmas.

  1. Dynamo the cat chewed through some Christmas light wire, causing a mild electric shock and mouth ulcers
  2. Multiple cats ingested poisonous mistletoe
  3. Pablo the pug ingested a whole box of PAXO mix, resulting in some…messy results
  4. Archie the Labrador consumed a whole gammon joint and involved out of hours treatment on Boxing Day
  5. Lennox the Boxer stole a child’s advent calendar and consumed the contents
  6. Milo the schnauzer ate the faux snow used in a Christmas scene
  7. Skittles the cat got stuck up a chimney on Christmas day and injured his ear
  8. Multiple dogs ate mince pies and Christmas cake
  9. A dog chewed a bauble and cut her mouth
  10. Toulouse the cat burnt himself on an advent candle

Michael Turner, head of Insurance, Asda Money comments: “Pets have become such an important part of our families, they will no doubt be a part of the festivities this Christmas. Our research shows the importance of insuring our furry friends. We never know what trouble they may get themselves into in the midst of the celebrations, which may result in a huge unexpected vet bill – not the ideal Christmas surprise.”


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