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Python found freezing on London street

A metre long snake was found close to death after spending the night on a pavement in Hammersmith.

The baby Royal Python was found freezing to death and extremely lethargic. Police officers acted quickly and brought the snake to The Mayhew Animal Home in North West London.

It’s thought the snake, named Ebenezer, had been out in the cold for about a night.

Head of animal welfare at the rescue centre, Gillian Notton, said: ‘’Ebenezer was freezing and had run out of energy but otherwise seems to be in good health. If it had been  left out another night it would have died or would have been run over.

‘’Ebenezer’s temperature is getting back to normal. We’ll look after the snake and then it will go to a reptile rescue centre when its recovered.’’

It’s not the first time a snake has been handed into The Mayhew. The rescue centre also get rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets and even a tortoise.


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