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Natures Menu partners with Agrolimen

Natures Menu is planning a new joint venture with Spanish consumer goods specialist, Agrolimen. The move should support the development of Natures Menu’s brand within Europe.

Craig Taylor, CEO of Natures Menu, announced that “Natures Menu is delighted to be joining in a partnership with Spanish pet foods experts Agrolimen being a perfect partner business completely aligned with the vision and values of the Natures Menu company, allowing Natures Menu to leverage the expertise of Natures Variety from the USA, which Agrolimen co owns.

“Both Natures Menu and Nature’s Variety are experts in providing Raw complete and balanced pet foods and are leaders in their respective markets. The opportunity to leverage Agrolimen’s know-how and expertise from Nature’s Variety will enable Natures Menu to expand its production and develop new technologies for its trusted retailers and partners across Europe”.


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