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Report exposes shocking extent of dog fighting in the UK

Dog fights are likely to be taking place every day in the UK, according to a new report by League Against Cruel Sports.

‘Betrayal of Trust: The Tragedy of Dog Fighting’ report claims there are three distinct levels of dog fighting: Street Rolls, Hobbyist and the Professional. Injuries are patched up by ‘street’ surgeons using super-glue and staples.

Cats and small animals are also being used as bait to train the fighting dogs.

According to the report “organised dog fights can last between 30 minutes and five hours.

It ends either when one dog refuses to engage its opponent; when a dog is removed by its handler due to serious injury; or when a dog dies”

The authors of the report, criminologists Dr Simon Harding and Dr Angus Nurse spoke to a large range of people including those involved in dog fighting, and examined the practices, motivations and extent of dog fighting as well as the means to tackle it.

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