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Beaphar’s Worm Awareness Week helps hearing dog, Rose, begin training

Beaphar’s Worm Awareness Week has been offering its support to Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

Beaphar’s annual health campaign reminds dog and cat owners to regularly worm their pets. 

Wormer sales increased by 13 percent during the campaign period in September 2015. £5,316 was donated from the sale of Beaphar One Dose Wormers during Worm Awareness Week to Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. This is sufficient to start a new puppy on their 18 month journey to becoming a Hearing Dog.

Rose, a dark blue roan Cocker Spaniel, already shows huge promise. When the Beaphar team met her, she was only 13 weeks old, and yet already behaved impeccably. Cockers make great Hearing Dogs, as they are intelligent, loving and eager to please. Rose had been with her socialiser, Malcolm, for only four weeks, but was already responding well to his sit, stay and leave commands.

Rose’s training will continue until she is 18 months old, when she will be partnered with a deaf person, with whom she will live and work until she retires at around 11 years of age. Hearing Dogs enable people to lead full and active lives, giving them the independence to go about their lives without feeling alone or self-conscious. They have even been known to save lives. Hearing Dogs already have 805 working partnerships; following her training, Rose will make this 806.

“We are delighted that we have been able to donate to Hearing Dogs in this way. Rose is a delight, and is sure to make someone a fabulous companion,” commented Sue Huggett, Beaphar’s Business Manager.

The company will continue to follow Rose throughout her training, and will report on her progress via their Face Book account (

For further information on how to profit from worms, contact the Beaphar office on 0333 0066236, email or visit the fully updated Worm Awareness website (

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