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84 percent of vets give up time for animal charities and shelters

A study by the British Veterinary Association (BVA) shows more than four in five veterinary surgeons in the UK provide some of their time and veterinary expertise at a reduced rate to animal charities and shelters.

The Voice of the Veterinary Profession survey by the BVA also highlighted that more than two in five give their time to work unpaid with animal charities and shelters to treat thousands of abandoned, mistreated or injured animals each year.

The results show that across the UK:

  • 72 percent have formal arrangements with charities to provide veterinary services at a reduced fee with the figure rising to 84 percent when including less formal set-ups
  • 43 percent of vets do unpaid work for animal charities or other animal welfare organisations

Commenting, BVA president Sean Wensley, said: “Behind these statistics are countless stories of veterinary teams – who already often work long, demanding hours – giving their time for free to support animal rescue staff and charities to care for abandoned, injured and neglected animals, as well as help owners to keep and care for much loved animals in times of hardship and crisis.”


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