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ACANA have become the sponsor of top UK Flyball team


ACANA, has committed to sponsoring top UK Flyball team, Aces High.

Twenty-eight of the Aces High Flyball team dogs are being transitioned from their previous diets onto specifically chosen ACANA products, whether it is from the classics, regionals or singles range.  

Jeannette Shelley and Sarah Lesting, from Aces High Flyball have worked very closely with nutritionist and director of Bern Pet Foods, Karen Rodger, to ensure that every dog has the correct diet for its needs.

Jeannette, captain of Aces High, commented, “We are absolutely delighted with the transformation in our dogs since we have changed their feed to ACANA.”

Karen Rodger, director of Bern Pet Foods, said, “It was a fantastic event, really fast-paced and exciting.  There was no doubt that ACANA were the sponsors and there was a lot of discussion within the flyball community regarding its obvious nutritional merits.”

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