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Poorly chicken has clucky escape in cashino after getting lost in London

RSPCA were called to the rescue after finding a chicken so thirsty she was forced to drink from toilet.

A lost, poorly chicken made her way to a cashino in a busy area of London in search of a bit of luck.

The bird was found at a 24-hour gaming shop – Cashinos – in London Road, Morden in Surrey.

RSPCA inspector Lynn Marshall said: “She was extremely dehydrated – which had caused her to go down a toilet and try to drink from the water there. She was then so weak that she didn’t have the power to fly out.

“We have called her Armitage – after the toilet where she was found.”

Armitage was taken into care at a boarding facility and has needed to be nursed back to health as she could not eat at first and was very underweight and neglected.

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