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Blue Planet Aquarium to trial world’s first automated fish health monitor

Blue Planet Aquarium, Cheshire Oaks will showcase a novel automated fish health monitor for the first time.

The monitor is the culmination of three years work in the laboratory of Dr Lynne Sneddon at the University of Liverpool. The Fish Health Monitor is a breakthrough in the field of fish health assessment and will alert the carer when fish are exhibiting signs of stress or ill health.”

Blue Planet Aquarium curator David Wolfenden, who invited Dr Sneddon to trial the monitor at the aquarium, believes it could become an essential aid for aquarists.

“The Fish Health Monitor uses two cameras, linked to a computer, to track the movements of fish in aquariums in three dimensions. Movement for healthy fish are programmed into the system, and if a fish shows deviations from these parameters the computer detects this and give a health ‘score’.”


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