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New vet practice uses all five senses to help keep pets calm

Ian Stroud and his team at Vet4Life Surbiton have created a vet practice unlike any other. It’s the first in the world to use sight, sound, smell, taste and touch to create a relaxing environment for pets and their owners – to help take the stress out of every visit.


“We love pets almost as much as their owners do and we hate to see them in any sort of distress. We wanted to create a fun space where pets feel relaxed, making treatment less stressful and helping to ensure a faster recovery” said Ian.


The reception area is light and spacious, so pets will never feel cornered or trapped. There are also separate areas for cats and dogs and even an elevated sanctuary for the cats to make them feel safe.


The calmness continues into the treatment rooms, with typographic artwork encouraging owners to relax, smile and breathe.

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