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Rabbit Rights Scotland petition could get second hearing

Campaigners from Rabbit Rights Scotland are hoping a petition for greater legal protection for pet rabbits will get a second hearing.

The Petition hopes to introduce a licensing regime for sellers of young rabbits similar to that for young cats and dogs. They also want to create a minimum standard for housing and feed as well as stricter regulations on breeding.

The chief superintendent of the Scottish SPCA, Mike Flynn, recently said, “In 2014 we rescued a staggering 728 rabbits across Scotland and we’ve already taken in over 550 this year. Many of these rabbits were either abandoned or given up by their owners who no longer wanted them.

“One of the most common excuses we hear is that the children in the family, who asked for the rabbit in the first place, have become fed up now that the novelty of the new pet has worn off.”

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