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Arcadia announce new basking lamp range

Arcadia are delighted to announce ‘generation two’ of their D3 basking lamp range. The range represents a root and branch change to the technology surrounding mercury vapour or combination lamps.

This technology was invented in the 1930s as a human tanning lamp and other than slight adjustments, including the Arcadia Phosphor coat, there have been little improvements.

Historically mercury-vapour lamps have wide quality tolerances and fail quickly. They can also suffer with a narrow beam of UVB and have fluctuating heat levels. 

The new lamps provide: More heat, more UVB over a wider area, a better colour, narrower quality tolerance and more reliability.

Arcadia have also announced that even with all of the added and adapted technology that the retail price is identical to generation one

John Courteney-Smith, reptile products manager said “There really is now no reason to buy substandard and in truth ‘old fashioned’ technology.

“This lamp offers the very highest standard of UVB and heat provision using the very latest technology and still for the same great price.

“This is core to our ‘revolution in reptile care’”

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