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A new ‘veterinary Skype’ service has been launched


PawSquad is the UK’s first national veterinary video consultation service expert triage and guidance delivered in the comfort of owners home affordable service to fit into owners’ busy lives technology to shake up ‘old school’ three billion pound veterinary sector.


“Up until now, the digital revolution that’s shaken up so many aspects of our lives has by-passed the veterinary sector,” said PawSquad founder Francesco Cardoletti.


“What we’ve done is build a new, on demand digital service that supplements bricks and mortar vet services.”


PawSquad vets won’t diagnose illnesses but instead they will focus on a range of non-critical

areas such as general health, behaviour, nutrition and management of long-term, non-

emergency conditions.


Pet owners will also cash in on PawSquad’s lower prices. A 15-minute digital consultation

will cost £15 – by comparison a 10-minute appointment at a ‘bricks and mortar’ vet practice

typically costs between £35 – £40.


“But PawSquad’s lower prices doesn’t mean lower quality,” said Andrew Ash, PawSquad

Chief Advisor and former President of British Small Animals Veterinary Association.


“All our locum vets are fully qualified and highly experienced to ensure owners can access the

highest possible quality of advice and service.”


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