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New Adaptil® and Feliway® Websites

Ceva Animal Health has launched new and improved Adaptil® and Feliway® websites. The company aims to raise awareness of common behavioural issues in dogs and cats and provide pet owners with advice and solutions to quickly eliminate the problems.

The websites include comprehensive advice on a range of behavioural problems that result from: being home alone, being afraid of loud noises, suffering from car sickness and being kennelled, to problems in cats associated with stress such as spraying, scratching, loss of appetite and hiding. Featuring short films on the use of Adaptil and Feliway in a variety of scenarios and offering information on behavioural problems, the sites also contain advice on canine and feline behaviour, stress factors and how to use both products, together with owner testimonials.

For further information on Adaptil or Feliway, please contact your wholesaler or visit or

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