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During Spring and early Summer, numerous kittens will be leaving their birth homes and settling in with their new families, making it a busy time for retailers, with an influx of customers who may be visiting their store for the first time with little or no product knowledge.

With that in mind, it’s a good time to hot up on cat litter knowledge so stores are able to give new customers advice in helping them choose the best litter for their new kitten.

Intersand City Classic was launched in the UK in October 2015 and is proving to be very popular with cat lovers and breeders alike.  It forms firm clumps immediately on contact with moisture and can absorb up to 400% of its weight in liquid.  The clumps stay firm and do not crumble over time so they can be easily and effectively removed from the cat litter tray.  There is no need to use litter liners and the tray can simply be topped up. 

Made of fine grains of 100% natural clay with blue zeolite make INTERSAND City Classic soft on a cats paws and 99.9% dust free in the home. Another great feature is that INTERSAND City Classic has low tracking which means no trail of litter from the tray throughout the home.

The fine clay absorbs, holds and neutralises odours.  Available in Baby Powder and Lavender, the clump neutralises the odour and, on contact with moisture, gives off a subtle scent of its own.  It is also available in Unscented.

Available in 7 kg and 15 kg bags.   SRP £8.99   and    £14.99

For more information please call BSB Products on 01737 767679

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