Tetra Release An Updated Comprehensive Aquatic Plant Care Range

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Tetra, the global fish product leader, has re-launched its plant care range and now offers a complete collection of products to cater for aquarium set-up through to ongoing maintenance of aquatic plants. The new line of products offers improved formulation, enhanced claims and stand out packaging to improve the visibility of Tetra’s plant care range on-shelf and entice consumers to try products from the collection.

Tetra’s improved plant care range provides nourishment in a variety of forms which can be absorbed through the leaves, via fertilisation in the water and through the roots to ensure all the nutritional requirements of aquatic plants are catered for and plants remain looking their very best.

New product, ActiveSubstrate activates ground flora for strong and healthy plant growth whilst promoting fast colonisation of ground cleaning bacteria. ActiveSubstrate has a porous structure to promote root growth and it has been developed reduce clouding and floating pellets, providing water clarity superior to competitors

Alongside this new product launch, Tetra has revamped existing products in the range to ensure constant improvement and innovation. The new depot formula in PlantaMin allows nutrients to remain in the water for up to four weeks ensuring lush, healthy plant growth and reduced algae. The new addition of fetrilon to CompleteSubstrate means this comprehensive product benefits from improved fertilising effect and better size of gravel for optimised root anchorage.

Modernised and refreshed design along with clearer claims and instructions have been added to InitialSticks and Crypto, with Crypto also being introduced in a 30 tabs size. 

  • TetraCrypto are root fertiliser tablets for lush, strong aquatic plants. Absorbed by plants directly through their roots, TetraCrypto is adapted to the special requirements of the aquarium substrate, thereby supporting the work of the important micro-organisms
  • InitialSticks are fertiliser sticks for the aquarium substrate. The sticks create a long-term nutrient base for aquarium plants, transforming gravel into a fertile substrate and encouraging the growth of important micro-organisms in the substrate.

The new products in the plant care range have not only filled gaps in the current portfolio, but also ensure Tetra provides a comprehensive range of solutions from tank set up to fertilisation and ongoing maintenance of a healthy aquarium. In addition to this, the re-launch has improved product visibility and appearance on the shelf as packaging has been brought in line with the refresh.”

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