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What are the Nation’s Ideal Dog Traits?

A survey by FRONTLINE® Spot On Flea and Tick Protection, shows that UK pet owners buck trend and go ‘barking mad’ for more traditional British dog breeds.

The celebrity ‘handbag’ dog trend appears to be a thing of the past according to a new survey of 2,000 UK dog owners, with the survey revealing that we are indeed a nation of traditional British dog lovers and that when it comes to our perfect dog the characteristics that Brits look out for, and love, are quite specific. Namely, the floppy ears of a King Charles spaniel, the body of a border collie, the short fur of a bulldog, the snout of a labrador, the golden colour of a retriever and the long-flowing tail of an Irish setter.

Taking inspiration from the standard-sized border collie Lassie, who was selected as the nation’s ideal fictional pet, it seems Brits are divided when it comes to perfect pooch proportions. Dog owners in the capital are more likely to opt for tea-cup sized hounds above any other region in the UK, whilst those in the East Midlands favour a larger more robust four-legged companion.

Longer mops topped the doggy hairstyle features in London, compared to those in Yorkshire who would go for more ‘style-able’ tresses. Sticking to tradition however, Brits’ penchant for more conventional British pooches extends beyond their mere appearance with both Rover and Rex topping the list of most popular dog names.

To complete their ideal doggie companion, one in three (30%) British dog owners revealed that the mid-range woof of a labrador is the most popular sound for their pooch and a quarter (26%), confessed that if they had choice, their ideal dog would live as long as they did.

Brock Abreu, FRONTLINE® Spot On brand manager comments: “We’re clearly a nation of dog-lovers and that when it comes to our ideal canine companion, looks really do matter. Its also great to see that we are being patriotic and championing those traditional, and beautiful, British dog breeds.”

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