Ceva Launches New and Improved Adaptil® and Feliway® Stress Relief Products

Adaptil - pack shots all

Following a $10 million global investment into the behaviour category, Ceva Animal Health has launched the new and improved Adaptil® and Feliway® ranges with the aim of enhancing their status as the world’s number one behaviour brands.

Ceva has brought innovation to the table again by through the improved technology of the diffusers and refills while also reducing their cost – for a better user experience for both pets and their owners.  Additionally, the products have gone through an innovative packaging update and will now come in bolder, brighter and more consumer friendly packs that clearly communicate the benefits of each of the products and how to use them.

The new Adaptil and Feliway all white diffuser plugs will release the improved formula at a lower temperature ensuring they are more efficient and last longer.  Featuring a new LED light that indicates when the diffuser is connected to an energy source, the slim-fitting diffusers are available in 24ml and 48ml refill options and last for four and eight weeks respectively to support more cost effective, long-term usage and aid owner compliance. 

Adaptil Diffuser with refill

Ideal for use ‘on the go’ or around the home to support the diffusers, Adaptil and Feliway sprays will be available in convenient plastic bottles to avoid breakages (from June 2015).  Offering temporary pheromonal support in areas, or on objects in contact with the pet, Adaptil and Feliway are available as 60ml sprays, with an additional 20ml spray for Feliway.

The new Adaptil collar is black, features deeper grooves and has a smooth buckle to enhance efficacy and provide extra comfort for wearers.  It is available in two presentations of up to 37.5cm (to fit the necks of puppies and small dogs) and up to 62.5cm (to fit the necks of medium/large dogs). The puppy collar is also thinner to fit more comfortably on smaller necks.

Feliway - all boxes
For use during predictable short-term stressful events, Adaptil Express tablets (previously known as Adaptil Stress Relief Now) also benefit from updated packaging to clearly illustrate when they are best used.

To support the new and improved Adaptil and Feliway products, Ceva has produced a range of marketing materials to educate pet owners on the benefits of pheromones in comforting and reassuring dogs and cats at times of stress.  Additionally, a suite of marketing materials is available to all retailers to help support merchandising, retailing and recommendation of the products.

For further information on Adaptil or Feliway, please contact your wholesaler or visit or

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