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RCVS launches new website

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) has today launched a redesign of its website,, with a key focus on improving user experience to help people find what they want, faster.

The redesign includes a complete overhaul of the layout, structure and navigation of the College’s whole family of sites: Professionals, Animal Owners, Find a Vet and RCVS Knowledge.

Some of the main improvements are:

  • A new level of navigation at the very top of every page to allow easy transition between the College’s different sites (similar to the BBC website).
  • A greater focus on key content and services straight from the homepage, including latest updates from ‘external’ sites like Mind Matters and Vet/VN Futures.
  • A dedicated site for the College’s Find a Vet service, with further improvements that make it even easier to find veterinary practices, veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses.
  • New ‘mega menus’ and improved search tools to help users find what they want more quickly and easily.
  • Page design and layout more in line with current best practice, to make reading easier and navigation simpler.
  • A ‘mobile first’ approach to design to ensure the website works optimally on all mobile devices, as well as desktop.

Ian Holloway, Head of Communications, said: “We’re delighted to be launching our new-look site today and hope all the improvements we’ve incorporated will make using the site a much better experience for veterinary professionals and animal owners alike.


“Working closely with our website provider, NetXtra, over the past nine months, we’ve been able to develop a new-look site with vastly improved design, structure and navigation, whilst avoiding the major expense of building a completely new website from scratch.

“We’re very grateful to them, and to all those vets, vet nurses and members of the public who have helped us with user-testing and content mapping to improve the site as much as possible for everyone who uses it.”

Anyone with any comments or feedback about the new-look site is invited to send it to

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