Verm-X Launch New Natural Allergy Control Capsules


New Allergy-X Capsules for Dogs, from Verm-X, deliver natural and effective allergy control. The unique concentrated blend of herbs provides dogs with protection and relief from a range of conditions and is a new improved formulation, which replaces the former Allergy-X biscuits.

The capsules are designed to eliminate potential triggers, such as brown rice, chicken fat and potato starch.

The blend of herbs has been found to eradicate many allergies suffered by dogs such as itching, hair loss and mucky ears, often resolving problems where chemical treatments have failed.

All products under the Allergy-X and Verm-X umbrella are manufactured to the highest standards from unadulterated, non-GM natural ingredients.

Each capsule can be pulled apart and sprinkled onto any wet feed or fed whole with a piece of your dog’s favourite meat.

Allergy-X Capsules for Dogs are designed to be fed daily, throughout the year.

Feeding guidelines are as follows:

– One capsule per day for mild conditions

– Two capsules per day for severe conditions

The RRP for a 50g pack of Allergy-X Capsules is £39.00 inc. VAT. A 50g pack will last one dog with a mild condition more than five months.

For further information on Verm-X please contact 0870 850 2313 or visit

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