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New Intestinal Hygiene Addition to the Verm-X Dog Range

Verm-X for Dogs

Verm-X has announced the launch of New Verm-X Pellets for Dogs. The powerful pellets, which join the existing range of herbal crunchies and liquid for dogs, deliver natural daily control of intestinal hygiene.

In addition, the herbal ingredients in the award-winning Verm-X formulation, provide vitamins, minerals and trace elements that contribute to overall health and well being.

The new pellets are designed to be mixed in whole or crushed into a daily feed ration for three days each month, providing the same powerful protection as the other products in the Verm-X range.

As with all Verm-X products, the focus is not just on the effectiveness of the formulations but also the palatability, so dogs will love them.

Verm-X Pellets for dogs are designed to be fed for three consecutive days each month. The guidelines for feeding are:

– Small Dog – 10g per day for three days a month

– Medium Dog – 20g per day for three days a month

– Large Dog – 30g per day for three days a month

The RRP for a 200g pack of Verm-X Pellets for Dogs is £16.50 inc. VAT. A 200g pack will last a small dog more than six months.

For further information on Verm-X please contact 0870 850 2313 or visit

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