Vet‘s Kitchen Brings Novel Approach to Grain-Free

Maria Vitale, Vet's Kitchen Marketing Manager

As it celebrates its fourth year, Wiltshire-based Vet’s Kitchen, creator of advanced nutrition pet foods with its own small animal Veterinary practice (Vet’s Klinic), is launching three new super premium product ranges. The first new product is ‘Adult Sensitive Grain-Free’ dry dog food containing a single source ‘novel’ protein and a ‘novel’ carbohydrate.

The development of Vet’s Kitchen Adult Sensitive Grain-Free Pork & Potato dry dog food was driven, as with all their products, by their own veterinary team’s insight. Rising numbers of non-routine appointments that appeared to be related to adverse dietary reactions and the increasing recommendations made to owners to try elimination diets to resolve their pets’ skin and digestive problems identified a real need within the market.

Vet’s Kitchen’s Marketing Manager, Maria Vitale, explained: “Our vets’ first-hand experience is further validated by recent BVA research which revealed that skin (70%) and gastro-intestinal (54%) related problems were the two most common reasons for pet owners making non-routine visits to the vet.”

Vitale added: “Grain-free pet foods are playing a significant role in improving skin and digestive problems and our formula also has the benefit of providing pork as a single source novel protein and sweet potato as a novel carbohydrate, ideal for an exclusion or elimination diet. In addition, the much-reported consumer trend of pet humanisation lies behind a growing demand from pet owners for pet food with both transparent labelling and grain-free products. Owners want to feed their pets food containing high quality, healthy ingredients with no ‘artificial nasties’ and they want to see clearly what those ingredients are. As with all our products, our grain-free food contains added natural ingredients to aid joint health, digestion and skin and coat condition.”

Vet's Kitchen Adult Sensitive Grain Free Dog Food

The Vet’s Kitchen innovative approach to creating good tasting, premium pet food is must be working as they have experienced over 60% year on year growth and have plenty of new products in the pipeline.

The unique approach of pet-food manufacturer teamed with its own small pet veterinary practice, results in a first-hand relationship with pets and their owners. Vitale explained: “This unique rapport delivers knowledge, understanding and empathy and has always fuelled Vet’s Kitchen’s desire to create, develop and deliver the very high quality products that owners demand and which benefit their pets.”

Packed in practical stand-up re-sealable bags for long-lasting freshness, Vet’s Kitchen’s Adult Sensitive Grain-Free Pork & Potato Dry Dog Food joins its Dog Food range and is available in Small (1.1Kg – RRP £6.99) and Medium (2.2Kg – RRP £12.99).

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