Acana Offer A Chance for Dogs To Shape Up for January Too

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It’s not just pet owners who commit to losing a few extra pounds this New Year. They are also taking a closer look at what they are feeding their overweight dogs.

Overweight pets, like humans, can suffer from a number of health issues such as osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Obesity can also cause discomfort and illness and has been proven to reduce life span.

Overweight dogs benefit from a diet that’s protein-rich but limited in carbohydrates and fat.  Rich in the nourishing proteins that promote lean muscle mass, ACANA Light & Fit features 60% chicken, fish & eggs, 20% fruits & vegetables and 20% low-glycaemic Alberta oats and could come as a welcome part of a new regime for canines this new year.

Metabolic Energy is 3100 kcal/kg with 40% energy from protein, 20% from fat and 40% from fruit, vegetables and oats.

A diet of ACANA Light and Fit, adhered to the correct feeding guidelines and combined with a proper exercise regime, will ensure a long, healthy life for all breeds and life stages of dog.  With the extra exercise, it might even help their owners lose a few pounds in the process!

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