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Bern Pet Foods Receive Great Reception at National Cat Club Show


The National Cat Club Show took place in Bracknell on Saturday, 13th December and Bern Pet Foods were there representing Canadian brands ORIJEN and ACANA to great response.

With over 400 cats on show, Bern showcased their award winning ORIJEN and ACANA cat foods.  The brands represent a new category in dog and cat food called “BAFRINO” that is, Biologically Appropriate, made with Fresh Regional Ingredients from trusted local suppliers and Never Outsourced to any other pet food manufacturer.

The theory is that as cats evolved as ‘true’ carnivores, that is in order to thrive they must be on an almost exclusively meat-based diet, so this continues to be the best diet for felines. ORIJEN is made up of 80% meat, 20% fruit, vegetables & botanicals and 0% grain. 

Cat owners and breeders alike clearly understood the ORIJEN and ACANA concept of feeding their pets as Mother Nature intended,’ describe the Bern team. ‘Consequently, we enjoyed an impressive number of sales as well as new sign ups to their exclusive Breeder Scheme.’

With high inclusions of fresh meats plus richly nourishing liver, tripe, cartilage and marrow – all in rations that mirror the natural diet – ORIJEN promotes peak health in cats and kittens of all breeds, ages and life styles.

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