Love dogs? Love Xmas? Fish4Dogs Has Something For You, With Its New Video Marketing Campaign


Worcestershire based manufacturer of pet food and treats made from fish, Fish4Dogs has entered the world of online video marketing with the launch of its own unique take on the 12 days of Christmas.  Their animated video, the 12 days of Fishmas, has been launched on You Tube and on a number of international social media platforms, through their overseas distributor network, as far afield as China and Japan.

It’s a little surreal and rather hilarious, with The 12 days of Fishmas featuring a poodle in a pear tree, 2 playful pugs, 3 Boxers bouncing, 4 Collies chasing 5 Gooooooolden retrievers and so on, with music performed by the staff at Fish4Dogs.  The animated video was produced by Worcester based branding and marketing agency Beard.

Graham Smith, CEO of Fish4Dogs, says, ‘We have actively participated in on line marketing for a number of years and developed high levels of expertise and a strong following in social media both here and abroad. This is our first major move into on line video marketing with a quirky and amusing video that, we hope, will appeal to both our existing followers and, through sharing, introduce new people to the brand.’

The short video can be seen at


For Further information contact Dominic Ebery at or 01299 252356

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