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Borneo Street Dog Project Appeals For Urgent Funding to Avoid Closure

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IAPWA (International Aid for the Protection & Welfare of Animals) is a very small UK-registered animal welfare charity who negotiated for three years to gain permission to take over the local dog pound in Kota Kinabalu, northern Borneo.  On the 10th October they launched a Crowd Funding appeal to raise the money needed to keep the project going, which is based around getting the animals from the streets, neutering and then releasing and rehoming the animals to give the street dogs a better chance and quality of life.

They were given just six months in which to raise the necessary funding, from scratch, to launch the project (Change for a Pound) on 1st July this year.  Since that time their team of volunteer vets from the UK and the local team, IAPWA have employed, have made a huge difference by catching, neutering and releasing hundreds of street dogs.  They have also had many litters of puppies (Pound Puppies) brought in – many with their mums.  So far, they have successfully re-homed every single puppy and issued them with a neutering certificate so that their new owners can bring them back when old enough and we will neuter for free.  Dora is a good example of such a Pound Puppy. This is her before and after images.

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Many of the cases they deal with however have suffered from cruelty, abuse and neglect.  IAPWA simply don’t have the facilities to help these animals and are appealing for the help they need to keep the projects going and to also expand it to match the huge and urgent demand. You can watch the crowd funding campaign video below to give you more of an idea of the cause and to see how to donate to help them achieve the goal.

Watch, Share and Save Dogs’ Lives which runs until 29th November. You can donate directly on the page. Help them achieve their goal, there is just under 16 days to go!

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