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FELIWAY® runs TV advertising and digital campaign

Ceva Animal Health has launched a two-month digital campaign to specifically target FELIWAY® products, including FELIWAY®Classic, FELIWAY® Friends and FELISCRATCH by FELIWAY®, at pet owners.

The digital campaign will include new banners and follows a new TV advertising campaign on all the C4 Channels, including Channel 4, E4, More4, Film4 and Home.  

The 30 second advertisement featured the real-life story of Cassius Disco the cat and his owners, who had carried out a lot of work on the house and had recently had a baby causing Cassius to become tense and in turmoil.

The TV advertisement showed Cassius after using the FELIWAY Classic Diffuser in the household and his owners describing how he had become happier, more confident and less stressed around the baby. They were also able to have a relationship with Cassius and be friends with him again.

To view the advertisement, go to  For further information on FELIWAY,

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