Dorwest Herbs Are Easing Firework Fear With Natural Remedies


With fireworks season kicking off this weekend, many pet owners are going to be facing a stressful fortnight and their poor pets even more so!

To ease both dispositions Dorwest Herbs, a family business located in rural West Dorset, are launching their ‘Fireworks Phobia? – No Fear!’ campaign for a second year.  The company has been creating herbal products for cats and dogs since 1948 and has formulated Scullcap and Valerian Tablets AVM-GSL and Organic Valerian Compound, specifically for treating pets with firework fear.

During the successful first year of the campaign, Dorwest Herbs conducted a 2013 Firework Fear Feedback survey which showed an impressive 92.75% of owners who used Scullcap & Valerian Tablets said they would use the product again next year, and a 83.72% said they would use Organic Valerian Compound again this year*.

An excellent addition to your shelves at this time of year and the team have put together a free Firework Phobia? – No Fear!’ Support Pack with useful tools to help promote and ultimately sell the products for retailers too. This includes bold, bright leaflets and posters and relevant information such as “According to canine behaviourists, up to 1.6 million dogs suffer from noise phobias so severe that they need professional help**.”  The leaflets feature a ‘Top Tips’ section outlining behavioural techniques and coping strategies written again by the fantastic Pet Behaviour Counsellor Karen Wild BA (Hons) Dip App Psych, ABIPDT, APBC.  There is also a leaflet holder for easy access and de-cluttering purposes; all the materials are available direct from Dorwest.

The campaign has become an annual event for many retailers and Dorwest will also be heightening awareness that pet stores can give great advice and support regarding firework fear and phobia.  Dorwest say it has experienced continued growth in the number of retailers stocking their products over the last few years, showing that demand for safe, natural treatments are important to consumers.

To support pet retailers a ‘Fireworks Phobia? – No Fear!’ product calming pack will also be available exclusively from Dorwest from mid-September with one available per store. Fran White, Dorwest Trade Accounts Manager says, “The promotional calming pack has been incredibly well received by the trade previously. Even for a small store the quantity of stock is not overwhelming with just 11 units – a combination of Scullcap & Valerian Tablets and Organic Valerian Compound – and sent with free delivery. It is the ideal way to present highly relevant merchandise next to the till or to trial our products for the first time. Once the stock has sold through, retailers simply top up through their normal re-ordering process. It’s the perfect way to maximize revenue from sales of these popular products over the firework season’.

For your free POS Firework Support Pack contact Dorwest direct – give them a call on 01308 897272 or email and look for further information in the Dorwest Trade Newsletter.

* Dorwest Herbs Firework Fear Customer Feedback, November 2013 (71 respondents)

** Canine Behavior: A Guide for Veterinarians. By Bonnie Beaver

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