Royal Canin’s New Range for the Urban, Active and Sporting Dog

No2 Urban packshotsAlways a company with a focus on scientific advances in precise nutrition for pets, rather than market research or surveys on the owners, Royal Canin is launching a new range – Lifestyle Health Nutrition – with products tailored to the specific needs of dogs living in towns and cities and sporting dogs.

The range was premiered to the specialist pet trade at PATS Harrogate earlier this year and is about to be followed by a public reveal at the Discover Dogs Show in November.   

Royal Canin retail marketing manager Gemma Duffield says: “Urban dogs and sporting dogs have specific nutritional needs related to their lifestyles, which can present significant challenges.  Lifestyle Health Nutrition is designed to meet these needs, and represents a fantastic, innovative asset for the specialist pet trade.

“We know that owners of this type of dog are prepared to seek out the best possible nutrition for their pets, and so the specialist pet trade is best placed to meet the demand.”

URBAN LIFE is part of the range and contains an exclusive blend of antioxidants to help combat oxidative stress, while specific fish proteins help support good brain function in the intense environment of the town or city. It is known that dogs living in towns and cities are exposed to oxidative stress due to pollution in their environment, and can also be under stress from the noise, traffic and crowds they encounter every time they leave their home.  

An introductory promotion offer allows all purchasers of URBAN LIFE dry bags and boxes of wet pouches the chance to win a Toyota Yaris Hybrid, ideal for urban living.

AGILITY 4100 is specifically formulated with Agility training in mind. Agility is now recognised as the fastest growing dog sport worldwide, with over 10,000 agility dog handlers in the UK alone. To support the body during short and intense activity (jumping, sprinting, agility, flyball etc), by providing energy mainly in the form of highly digestible carbohydrates which provide the instant energy the dog needs during the initial phase of activity.  These types of activity require ‘instant’ energy for a shorter time, rather than sustained energy for a longer period, hence AGILITY is formulated to meet this need.

Royal Canin is focusing on dog sporting clubs for the launch of AGILITY, with the aim of bringing these owners into the specialist pet trade.  Promotional gift boxes will be provided to over 300 agility clubs nationwide, with product information and an exclusive offer to encourage people into the specialist pet trade.  Sporting dog handlers who buy five products from a pet specialist will receive their sixth pack free from Royal Canin.

The company have also put a robust marketing strategy in place, with a radio and roadshow campaign across Britain’s cities is designed to entice urban owners into their local specialist pet store.  “Local radio is big news in towns and cities” says Gemma “with many using it to find out about local events and activities.  Appealing to owners of urban dogs in this way allows us to reach out beyond the traditional pet press and target owners who may not have considered using the specialist pet trade.”

Heart FM Radio will carry advertising across Scotland, the North West, West Midlands, South Wales, Cambridge, Thames Valley, Solent and the West Country, with Capital advertising covering Yorkshire.  An additional promotional campaign with Heart in Scotland, the North West, Cambridgeshire and Solent will ask listeners to upload a ‘Me and My Dog’.

For more information, speak to your Royal Canin Retail Business Manager, visit Royal Canin, or call 0845 300 5011.

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