Wildlife World Expands International Distribution

Award winning manufacturer, Wildlife World, is now supplying innovative conservation products to 21 different countries globally. The Cotswolds-based company’s handmade products had already been on sale in the UK and Ireland, as well as much of Europe. Scandinavia, the Danubian region as well as France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Belgium all have large customer bases. Wildlife World will now also distribute as far as USA, Canada, Dubai and New Zealand.


James Allan, Sales and Marketing Manager for Wildlife World, believes the international growth is due to better education of climate change and environmental concerns. ‘Here at Wildlife World we have seen a significant increase in the demand for our wildlife products globally. As people are becoming more aware about the problems facing the environment through high profile campaigns they are also seeking to make small changes that make a difference in their own gardens. Our strong ethical guidelines and dedication to providing the most suitable habitats that encourage nesting and therefore conservation of species, makes us a first stop for any wildlife enthusiasts’.

Wildlife World’s extensive range includes boxes and feeders for birds, hedgehogs, small mammals, frogs and a wide variety of insects, all hand crafted from ethically sourced materials, including only FSC certified timber. For more information go to


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