Christies Global Win Best Pet Care Product Award 2014

Christies Global’s PetCare Flea and Tick Laundry Treatment is designed to wash away fleas, ticks and mites thereby sanitising pet bedding, clothing and linen. The active ingredient, Hygienilac, removes stains and odours and is scientifically proven to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses, even in a 30 degree wash. The treatment leaves active ingredients in the fabric which continue to kill odours and bacteria.

Fleas and lice live in pet bedding, clothing and linens. Not only can they harm the animal they can cause wheezing and allergic reactions in humans. PetCare Flea and Tick Laundry Treatment is effective against norovirus, H1N1 virus, salmonella, listeria, e-coli and MRSA. The treatment is BSEN approved.

The PetCare Flea and Tick Laundry Treatment was launched at PATS Sandown where it won the best Pet Care Product Category. The judges’ comments reinforced the innovative idea behind the PetCare Treatment: ‘It does what it says on the bottle, and is reasonably priced. It’s a novel product as it treats the bedding rather than the animal. There is definitely space in the market for this type of product’.

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