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Petsafe Survey Confirms British Love of Pets

The British love affair with pets shows no signs of slowing down. A recent survey of 2000 UK cat and dog owners conducted by global pet product expert, PetSafe, has highlighted that the strong bond between pet owners and four legged friends is stronger than ever.
The survey, conducted by OnePoll in June 2014 with 1000 cat owners and 1000 dog owners, revealed that almost five out of ten people said their cat or dog was more valuable to them than their house, car, jewellery or any other material possessions..
Firmly placed at the heart of family life, the survey found that pets are widely regarded as family
members – particularly by women – with nine out of ten women saying they are “one of the family”; for men, the figure was eight out of ten. When asked, “How much do you love your pet?” over half the women quizzed gave the maximum scores (9/10 and 10 /10) and 40 per cent of men gave the same responses.
Pet owners are also keen to make sure their pets have their fair share of creature comforts – even sharing their bed with them to make them cosy. One in five pet owners said they sleep with a pet every night and 60 per cent said they often slept with their pets.
A quarter of owners to described their pets as “my best friend”. The figure was even higher for young people, with a third of 18 to 25 year olds surveyed admitting that their pets are their best buddies.
A feel-good factor associated with pet ownership came across strongly in the survey. Almost 85 per cent of people polled said having a cat or dog improves their quality of their life and overall health and wellbeing.
Making time to play with pets was also felt to be important. Despite busy lifestyles, pet owners are very generous with their time – often spending longer with pets than other family members. One in 15 people spent at least three to five hours a day playing with their cats or dogs. Over half the people spent between one to three hours playing with them. Only one in 20 spent less than half an hour playing with pets.
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