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ASCAS and WildWash have joined together and created a petition to regulate the non pharmaceutical pet products industry in the UK.

At present there are no regulations for non-pharmaceutical animal shampoos and cosmetics. This means that anything can be put in a bottle and sold to pet owners. There doesn’t have to be an ingredients list, a best before date or any information that shows it is fit for purpose.

Their petition supports the work of The Chemical Source Control Project, which looks at a range of chemicals that are a compliance risk for the Water Framework Directive and their role is to determine the sources and uses of the chemicals and how they find their way into the water environment. This is imperative for the future of our water system in the UK.

Currently they are interested in the use of two chemicals in pet hygiene products, these are triclosan and nonylphenol and its ethoxylates (NP and NPE). Triclosan is controlled under the Biocidal Products Regulation and the Cosmetics Regulation which limit the use in products for human use to <0.3%, and NP and NPE for a number of years has been restricted under REACH which limits the chemicals to <0.1%. Unfortunately non pharmaceutical pet products are not controlled by either of these regulations.

ASCAS was set up to help regulate the pet industry and help control the chemicals used in pet products, which harm our environment, our pets and ourselves. WildWash is the first pet care product in England to obtain a three-star ASCAS certification and promotes chemical free pet care.

If you would like to sign the petition visit

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