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Supermarkets Support Bob Martin Removing Permethrin On-animal Treatments From General Sale

Bob Martin has been working with leading retailers on the decision to remove on-animal flea medicinal products containing Permethrin from sale in grocery stores to reduce the risk of misuse and misunderstanding around the active ingredient.

Permethrin poisoning is one of the most commonly reported poisonings in cats worldwide. These cat deaths are totally preventable, with 97% showing signs of poisoning after the application of a permethrin-containing dog-specific spot on product. This is often simply down to mistakes at point of purchase with pet owners mixing up cat and dog products, or being unaware that you cannot use a dog treatment on a cat. Unfortunately, the resulting passionate outpouring of emotion over the unnecessary deaths of cats has led to much confusion and concern around the use of permethrin in cat collars; this passion is seen in online reviews and social media channels.

‘It is important for us that our customers who own animals receive the verbal advice and reassurance on the use of permethrin-containing on-animal products. We feel that this advice is needed at the point of sale and should be provided by a suitably qualified person in a pharmacy setting. We will continue to provide pet owners with on-shelf access to a choice of affordable healthcare for their animals from the Bob Martin range’, commented Nigel Grimes, Pet Food Buyer, Morrisons PLC.

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