Petsafe offers opportunity to win bundle

Global pet product expert PetSafe is giving one lucky reader the chance to win a bundle of its latest interactive cat toys – FroliCat BoltTM, FroliCat Dart DuoTM, FroliCat FlikTM and FroliCat PounceTM toys. 

The innovative new FroliCat toys are proving to be highly popular with both pets and their owners and PetSafe has just launched a new video showing the toys in action. Designed to stimulate and engage and they are described as ‘fun that never stands still’.
FroliCat Bolt generates random laser patterns and boasts an adjustable mirror to direct the laser in different directions. This toy can be used automatically for hands free fun or manually to create your own laser patterns. The FroliCat Dart Duo is an automatic rotating light with two lasers that entice pets to dart, pounce and chase.
The FroliCat Flik is an automatic teaser that throws a string to engage cats in enthusiastic play. With an easy on and off operation the toy is highly effective and simple to use. The FroliCat Pounce is a rotating hide and seek cat teaser that features an automated plastic mouse, which moves forwards, backwards and twitches unpredictably with variable speed settings depending on the cat’s level of play.
To win the bundle of interactive toys with a MSRP of approximately £100 simply just enter the prize draw by emailing

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