Ceva launches Adaptil puppy training films

Ceva Animal Health has launched a series of puppy training films to educate dog owners on new puppy ownership, from purchasing through to training.

The three films, which are available to view in the puppy section of the Adaptil website are presented by the leading dog trainer and behaviourist Carolyn Menteith and senior veterinary advisor at Ceva Animal Health, Sarah Endersby. Covering a variety of interesting topics the films, which range in length from five to 25 minutes, they include How to pick the right puppy; General healthcare of your puppy; and a Practical guide to basic training with your puppy.


Adaptil product manager at Ceva Animal Health said: “The puppy training films are ideal tools for animal health professionals to utilise to help educate puppy owners on every aspect of new puppy ownership. They can even be embedded into your own website via YouTube.”

To view the films visit

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