Fitting tributes to family members

A retired police officer has set up a business celebrating the lives of people and their beloved pets.

Farewell Photographs and Celebration Books was founded by Malcombe Ashman to offer lasting reminders of loved ones through Celebration, Tribute and Memorial Books created from the family’s own photographs.

Recently, this service has extended to pets as Malcombe explains. He says: “It is widely considered that our pets are part of our families, and just as when members of our family pass away, they are grieved for and the family enters a period of bereavement. It is therefore appropriate to remember the pet is a special way.”

Photographs can include a documentary of the pet’s’ life journey, a favourite walking area, the casket, memorial stone and perhaps a final word from the pets’ owners. As Malcombe says, the books provide a lasting tribute and memorial of the times when the pet not only brought happiness to the family but also when the pet itself was at its happiest.

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